Saint Luke's Episcopal Church

Sunset Series

Presented by:
The Friends of the Sunset Series and Saint Luke's Church


Thank you, our musicians and organizers for making the 2006 program a success!


2006 Sunset Series                  8:00 p.m.

Fri., March 24    Rosa Lamoreaux, soprano
                           with Thomas Goeman, accompanist

Sat., April 22      Trio con Brio Copenhagen

Fri., May 19        Euclid String Quartet
                            (substituting for Stefan Hussong, Classical accordian)

Sun. June 18     Quartet San Francisco
                           Classical, tangos, jazz, Latin

For tickets or a brochure, phone: 408-354-4560

Ticket prices     Four-Concert Series     Individual Concerts

Adults                    $65.00                        $20.00                 

Seniors                   $50.00                      $15.00           
     (age 62 and over)

Students                $35.00                         $10.00                                 
     (age 26 and under)